Player's Guide

Horgons is a game that simulates the science of genetics.
You can breed for specific traits, like color or friendliness. Play just for fun, or enter your creatures in contests to win prizes.

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  • 1. Overview
  • What's a "horgon?" A horgon is a mythical creature that is part horse and part dragon. (They are perhaps more commonly called "drorses.") Some individuals are very dragon-like, with webbed wings, horns, claws, and a long tail. Others are very horse-like, with a mane, hooves, and swishing tail.
    The object of the game is to figure out which genes produce which traits. The more you learn, the more you will be able to selectively breed to obtain the desired traits.
  • 2. Genetics
  • Because horgons are mythical creatures, they do not have the same genes that we have discovered in animals like dogs and cats. However, the same genetic rules governing inheritance and genetic interactions apply. Therefore it would behoove you (pun intended) to learn more about the science of genetics to understand why a trait suddenly appears or disappears.
  • 3. Obtaining Horgons
  • Like dragons, all horgons are strongly drawn to gold. They will seek it out, collect it, and hoard it in their lairs. Unlike dragons, however, horgons are much easier to catch and domesticate. You can therefore catch wild horgons by luring them in with gold coins.
    Every new player starts with 5 gold coins that can be used to catch wild horgons. Use your coins wisely! You may not want to spend all your coins right away. You might want to catch just one breeding pair to start with. Also, keep in mind that female horgons need some time to recover before they are able to breed again, so you should plan accordingly. You can purchase additional gold coins if you wish.

    In addition to catching wild horgons, you can obtain horgons from other players. Players can buy, sell, trade, or give away their horgons. Check the For Sale/Trade section to see horgons that are available from other players.
  • 4. Breeding
  • Once a horgon becomes an adult, you can breed it with another horgon you own. You should carefully observe the traits in both parents and compare them to the traits in the offspring. You will likely see patterns emerge. Keeping track of these patterns will help you determine how the genes interact.
  • 5. Contests
  • Each contest features a horgon with certain traits and appearance. The challenge is to breed a horgon with the same traits and appearance. You can enter each contest up to 5 times. Choose one of your horgons and enter it into the contest to see if it is a match. If so, you win! Prizes include: (virtual) gold coins, t-shirts, and gift cards. (Terms and conditions apply, please read the full terms.)

    Contests are designed to reward players who have learned how to selectively breed for certain traits. To win a contest, the horgon you enter must be either an exact genetic match with the featured horgon, or it must exhibit all the same traits and appearance. Slight variations in color are permitted, as are variations due to randomness (e.g., both horgons have spots, but the spots appear in different places).

    Contests have a "difficulty" rating, which is a very rough indication of how common or rare the featured horgon's traits are. The less common the traits, the more difficult the contest.
  • 6. General Rules
  • In order to keep the game fun and fair, you must follow certain rules. Below is a list of the "major" rules, but these are not the only rules. Please read the full rules, terms, and conditions. By creating an account, you are agreeing to the full rules, terms, and conditions. Failure to comply with all rules, terms, and conditions can result in your account being locked, disqualification from contests, ineligibility for prizes, and other consequences.

    1. You must be respectful to other players and our staff.
    2. The game is in "beta" status, which means that there may be bugs, including serious ones. You accept the game "as is," with no guarantees or warranties of any kind.
    3. You cannot have more than one account.
    4. Coins are non-refundable.
    5. If you win a contest, your win must be verified before any prize is awarded, to ensure that all rules have been followed.
    6. Cheating in any manner (such as by creating multiple accounts) will disqualify you from winning any contests and may result in you being banned.
  • 7. Questions?
  • If you have questions, please see the Frequently Asked Questions. If the FAQ does not address your question, you can always contact us and we will do our best to promptly answer.

    Please note that we will not answer questions about genetic interactions, nor any other questions that would give any player an advantage. Use the "contact us" form if you have general questions about how to use the site, feedback about the site, or any problems you are encountering.