Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's a "horgon?"
  • A horgon is a mythical creature that is part horse and part dragon. (They are perhaps more commonly called "drorses.") Some individuals are very dragon-like, with webbed wings, horns, claws, and a long tail. Others are very horse-like, with a mane, hooves, and swishing tail. Because horgons are mythical creatures, they do not have the same genes that we have discovered in animals like dogs and cats. However, the same genetic rules governing inheritance and genetic interactions apply.
  • What does "beta" mean?
  • "Beta" means that the game is still undergoing active development and testing. That means that the game will change over time. Rules of the game may change, features may be added or deleted, graphics may change, and other changes will occur.

    We need and want your feedback so we can make improvements and fix any problems. Please share your ideas, suggestions, problems, and concerns.

    "Beta" status also means that there will be bugs. Obviously we do our best to squash any bugs as quickly as possible, and you can help by reporting any bugs you find.
  • I found a bug / error. What do I do?
  • Please submit a ticket on our support system to report it. We will be able to address the problem faster if you include as much information as possible. Information we need includes:
    1. The date and time the problem occured
    2. A description of the problem, including any error messages
    3. Whether you can reproduce the problem, and the steps to reproduce it
    If for whatever reason you can't submit a support ticket, please contact us.
  • How realistic is the genetic simulation?
  • Our system is not as complex as real genetic systems, and therefore it is not 100% realistic. Instead, it is a somewhat simplified simulation. However, it does involve multiple-gene interactions and other features that make it more realistic than a simple Mendelian inheritance model.
  • Why did some of my horgons disappear?
  • Horgons, alas, are not immortal. They age and eventually die. Certain diseases or traits can influence how long a horgon lives. When your horgons die, they are removed from your account. In your settings, you can choose to receive a notification when one of your horgons dies.
  • I won a contest. How do I get my prize?
  • After you win a contest, our staff is notified and will review your win to verify it. Once your win is verified, you will either receive your prize electronically or you will receive an email with information on your prize. Digital prizes, such as Amazon gift cards, will be delivered by email. Physical prizes, like t-shirts, will typically be mailed to you.

    It is your responsiblity to make sure your email address and physical address are accurate and up to date.